Raquelle Navarro

All about astrology and manifestation mindset, beach days, and flying your beautiful freak flag.

NBR Extensions Artist

“I’ve always been passionate about all things beauty and I love to make others feel like their best selves. The artistry of NBR and amazing ISLA hair pallete allows me infinite creative possibility, while providing the certainty that I'm delivering the best possible experience for my clients."

A little about me...

at a glance

put me on a plane to


favorite show to binge

new girl or schitt's creek

my beauty must have


always game to talk about

traveling, mindset, astrology

self care is

having integrity with myself

favorite snack

chips and guac


revolve, alo, vuori

fun but weird fact

thought i'd be in the wnba



DKW Styling Salon

Welcome! DKW is the flagship salon for NBR (Natural Beaded Rows®) hair extensions. We are a luxury hair extension specialist salon located in Laguna Beach, California.