Every aspect of NBR is customized, from the color blends matching your natural hair to the sectioning that conceals rows, regardless of your chosen style. The beadwork caters to your natural density and texture, ensuring your comfort and the health of your hair and scalp. Watch the video below to get a glimpse behind the method.

After years of testing every extension method on my own hair– that never seemed to deliver the quality and comfort I wanted– I created the Natural Beaded Rows method in 2010. Due to its remarkable light weight, natural, and stunning results, NBR has become the top luxury hair extension method with thousands of loyal clients. You can see what a transformation my own NBR extensions have on my hair!

I have a very active lifestyle with my 5 children and my natural beaded rows actually make it easier for me to maintain hair that looks and feels beautiful to me. I can't wait for you to experience the same TOTALLY life changing transformation!

Hi! I'm Danielle.

The creator of NBR Extension Method and ISLA Hair.

How it works

Using only three materials –beads, thread, and wefts of hand-tied hair– to install, NBR Hair Extensions are supported by an intricate foundation custom-tailored to your unique needs. Unlike most traditional hair extension methods, NBR does not show, slip out, or cause damage to your natural hair. While most of our guests suffer from fine, thinning hair that never seems to grow, NBR is proven to work on any hair texture or density.

Comfortable and easy to care for

Strong and resilient to suit an active lifestyle

Supports healthy hair growth

Will not slip out, EVER

Minimal points of contact on the scalp

the Benefits

ISLA® BY NBR®, Elevated Wefts

The quality of the hair you wear contributes significantly to the method's success. ISLA hand-tied hair is meticulously crafted to complement the NBR method flawlessly. With over 18 base color blends, three different textures, and three lengths, your NBR artist tailors the perfect blend for your install. 

The science behind it is straightforward: double-drawn wefts allow for fewer wefts per row, creating flatter, more concealed rows without compromising fullness. ISLA hair remains tangle-free, maintaining its color and texture, ensuring your hair remains impeccable between appointments.

“Ready to finally have the hair you've always imagined for yourself?”


DKW Styling Salon

Welcome! DKW is the flagship salon for NBR (Natural Beaded Rows®) hair extensions. We are a luxury hair extension specialist salon located in Laguna Beach, California.