Mary Anderson

A creative force with an eye for COLOR, who leans into the growth opportunities each day brings.

NBR Extensions Artist 

“I see NBR as the best type of artistic expression. First there's connecting and sharing of the personal vision to start the collaboration. Then I get to drop into my creative zone– texture, length, color science, cut– to create a beautiful masterpiece walking around out in the world. So cool.”

A little about me...

at a glance

obsessed with

cafe rio

Take my money

vitality workout clothes

celebrity i'd like to meet

jimmy garoppolo

guilty pleasure

cozy in bed watching true crime

Always game to talk about

sports, go raiders!

catch me drinking 

celsius or an espresso martini

i take my coffee

iced and sweet

Go to workout




DKW Styling Salon

Welcome! DKW is the flagship salon for NBR (Natural Beaded Rows®) hair extensions. We are a luxury hair extension specialist salon located in Laguna Beach, California.