KAtie Guthrie

Nature lover, a little OCD– but in a good way, leader of NBR education spreading the love across the nation.

NBR Artist / Director of NBR Education

“I love showing my guests how they can enhance their own beauty naturally with NBR. By far, my greatest accomplishment in my career has been impacting other women's lives by transforming the way they see themselves after getting NBR. What I do is way more than just hair."

A little about me...

at a glance

obsessed with

higher dose pemf mat

 not-so-guilty pleasure

dark chocolate, everyday

always game to talk about

self growth & gardening

family status

hubby  + 2  beautiful girls

fav activity

car karaoke with my girls

i take my coffee

however my hubby makes it

go to workout

walks, running, & pilates

favorite vacay spot

any beach with a drink in hand



DKW Styling Salon

Welcome! DKW is the flagship salon for NBR (Natural Beaded Rows®) hair extensions. We are a luxury hair extension specialist salon located in Laguna Beach, California.