Katherine Raynor

A coffee aficionado who thrives on continuous learning, and helping others express the best version of themselves. 

NBR Extensions Artist 

“When I started doing hair it was about giving women the space to feel confident and comfortable in their self image. It's so essential to take the time and space to explore, realize, and create the best version of ourselves. It's not selfish, it actually allows us to be more generous and joyful in life."

A little about me...

at a glance

can't live without

art and music

self care favorite

a hot shower

always game to talk about

music, tv, art, history

Alternative universe job

coffee bean roaster

favorite place

outside or a museum

i splurge on


I'll take my coffee

hot and frothy

put me on a plane to

london aka home



DKW Styling Salon

Welcome! DKW is the flagship salon for NBR (Natural Beaded Rows®) hair extensions. We are a luxury hair extension specialist salon located in Laguna Beach, California.